People and Places, Related Books

In her new book The Astonishing Elephant , Shana Alexander describes Iain and Oria and “Mr and Mrs. Elephant.” Alexander has a chapter which features the Douglas-Hamiltons, plus the infrasound research done by Katy Payne among the desert elephants of Damaraland, in Namibia.

Oria is also an accomplished photographer, and her work can be seen in the children’s book African Elephants, Giants of the Land, plus the out of print but worth the search Among the Elephants.

Cynthia Moss has been written about in Elephant Woman, but her own best seller, Elephant Memories : Thirteen Years in the Life of an Elephant Family, will give you her first hand observations and clues to their behavior. Katy Payne’s research into the infrasonic communications of elephants is described in Silent Thunder: In the Presence of Elephants, and the best photos of herds remain those of Peter Beard’s in The End of the Game.