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Rollers Are Bigger in Botswana

From the Maasai Mara to Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater, I tried to photograph this brilliant bird, flashing even more color in flight. The roller name comes from a playful high dive that is part of its courtship display. Flying up for 10 meters, it seems intent on a suicide dive bomb. At the last minute, it flaps, gaining speed. Now flying very fast, it rolls to right and left 4 or 5 times in a couple of seconds, like a pilot saying farewell with a dip of the wing. Swooping up, it repeats the show. Hang around: this species actually breeds “on the wing.”  Read More 

Tribute to Wildlife Filmmaker Alan Root

From the wildebeest migration to chicks inside a hornbill nest, Alan Root brought the magic of Africa to millions of television viewers around the world. Not only do many scripts from the 70’s remain timeless, but his innovative filming techniques foreshadowed technology. In lieu of a Go-Pro on a drone, Root used a hot airContinue Reading